Bound to Azerbaijan


September 2, 2022

“Chirag Humanitarian Development and Public Union” has started the implementation of the project “Bound to Azerbaijan”, which operates in five languages and promotes Azerbaijan’s truths in the international arena.

It should be noted that the mentioned project is implemented with the financial assistance of the State Support Agency for Non-Governmental Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The implementation period of the project covers the dates 01.09.2022 – 01.11.2022.

Works within the framework of the project will be carried out in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. But the scope of the project is an international audience.
Creation of French, German and Russian pages in addition to the already active Azerbaijani and English pages on the website of “CHIRAQ” HIIB “Bound to Azerbaijan”, expansion of the content and audience of the site and activity in connection with the respective pages of transnational social networks. It is to achieve the protection and promotion of Azerbaijan’s national interests in foreign countries and international platforms in European countries, the United States and Canada through the provision of languages.
Although the target of the project is our citizens and compatriots who live, work or study abroad permanently or temporarily, thanks to the cultural-spiritual and humanitarian relations with those living abroad, the people living in Azerbaijan are also among the beneficiaries. Citizens who know. People living in other countries of the world who are familiar with the materials on the protection and promotion of Azerbaijan’s national interests in foreign countries and on international platforms of the site and its related page of the traditional social network will receive additional, very interesting information about the national and cultural existence of Azerbaijan, and their interest in our country will increase even more. 




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